Why a Beach?

Welcome to the Commons Patterns Blog! We are just getting started here. This is an open group with multiple connections, and a variety of web spaces (for a range of purposes). If you are interested in blogging here, send us a comment about that. You might notice we use photos of beaches sometimes. The first reason for this is that Bruce lives in California and gets to the beach a lot (with his camera). The second reason is that all beaches in California are held in common for public use. Public access to these public lands is often a local issue of some importance. You see, people with a lot of money tend to buy land on the edges of the public beach, and sometimes want to restrict access. They paid a lot for their property; why should others just enjoy their beach for free?

We need to return the purpose of the academy to its public good status. The academy is a beach that supports a vast range of knowledge and an even bigger horizon of unknowns. The more people that can play in this field, the better. And the more we can share what we find, the sooner we’ll find out what’s ahead.

So grab your intellectual bucket and shovel and make your way to the commons! Everyone is welcome to play here.

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