Solutions and problematics: What’s right and wrong in the academy today.

And what’s happening out in commons and peer-to-peer production enterprises across the planet that we might apply to the academy?

Use these links to add your solutions or problematics!

  1.  Solution stories LINK: what is working well in/for the academy, and also in the peer-economy, or in a knowledge commons? Let us know! Get credit. Change the world.
  2. The Academy is Broken stories LINK: what is NOT working today. Don’t be shy! Do be specific.

Why are we doing this?

The academy commons patterns effort is collecting solution stories to help shape the patterns that can capture the essence of their logics, while supporting a broad range of localized practices. This will be an open effort that all can join in on an equal basis.

This list of solutions (and a parallel list of problematics) form the corpus of knowledge —and engage our collective pragmatic imagination—out of which the academy commons patterns can be distilled. The more and better stories we start with, the better outcome we can attain.

Your story may be a small one (an anecdote that illustrates a specific issue), or a large one (an imagined solution that draws from your experience and insight). We need them all! You will be credited as a contributor for all of your stories!

You can vote on the ideas of others and add your comments to sharpen these too.


Commoners enjoying the public goods of a California beach